Quiet Moments

An Experience In Relaxation Techniques

Musical Artist and Composer by Andy Shapiro

Quiet Moments – Part 1 (sample)

Quiet Moments – Part 2 (sample)

The long-term benefits of experiencing deep relaxation on a regular basis are a happier, healthier mind and body! We have designed “Quiet Moments” to help you with this. It is a chance for you to experience deep relaxation in which you can…
– ease your muscle tension.
– lower your blood pressure and heart rate.
– feel a renewed energy level.
– have a calmer mind and body.

This relaxation program uses two techniques called tension release rand guided imagery that are to be used separately. You will be guided gently through the exercises by Janice VanAnrooy’s comforting voice. During this time, it is important to…
– have a quiet environment.
– find a comfortable position.
– have a point of focus such as quieting music and/or voice.
– have an attitude of letting go.
– allow at least 2 hours after a meal before beginning.
– give yourself permission to relax and be alone for 20 minutes per track!

Breathing properly is key to experiencing deep relaxation. Janice will help you with the breathing techniques during the exercises in which you will need to…
– inhale, through your nose, expanding your stomach and pushing your muscles outward.
– exhale, through your nose, releasing your stomach and letting your stomach drop.

Breathe slow and easy, finding your own rhythm.

We hope “Quiet Moments” will help you experience peace and relaxation. May you relax and enjoy!

When the breath wanders, the mind is unsteady, but when the breath is still, so is the mind still. – Hatha Yoga Pradipika