Benchmarks of Recovery

What are the signs of recovery?

This “recovery roadmap” is invaluable for my patients to see signs along the way and to know they are on the road to recovery.

  1. Eating occurs at regular intervals and is guided primarily by physical rather than emotional hunger
  2. Metabolic rate, if measured, is restored and maintained at a healthful level
  3. Weight for height, age, and gender is restored to a healthful range
  4. For females, menstruation is achieved and maintained without oral contraceptives
  5. Skin health, dental health, body temperature, hair growth and digestion are restored to normal
  6. Healthy body composition (lean body mass and body fat) is restored and maintained
  7. Caloric intake is appropriate for maintaining body composition
  8. Purging behavior is absent
  9. Use of diet pills is absent
  10. Excessive exercise is absent
  11. Binge eating is absent
  12. The ability to tolerate (even enjoy) a wide variety of foods is maintained
  13. The ability to tolerate normal shifts in weight (3-5 lbs) related to such factors as hydration, illness, seasonal and age related changes.
  14. Weight gain does not deter from eating well
  15. Acceptance of genetically determined body type, size and shape.
  16. The ability to take care of ourselves and effectively cope with problems without resorting to eating or food related behaviors.
  17. Feelings of connectedness to self and others.
  18. Having an eating disorder and/or engaging in any ED behaviors no longer makes sense.

*Tamara Pryor, PhD
Clinic Director
The Eating Disorder Center of Denver

Tamara is the clinical director at The Eating Disorder Center of Denver and a Fellow with the Academy of Eating Disorders. Her expertise has been recognized in the field of eating disorder treatment and in the clinical and research arena for decades.