EAT 26

Please fill out the form below as accurately, honestly and completely as possible. There are no right or wrong answers.
The Body Mass Index (BMI) is of limited utility, especially for very short and very tall people.
Enter your height and weight if you would like to have your BMI calculated.
This section reflects on your own behaviors, this will give a more accurate reading to help you and your answers above for a healthier regiment.
(Defined as eating much more than most people would under the same circumstances and feeling that eating is out of control.)
DM Garner, PE Garfinkel. The Eating Attitudes Test: An Index of the Symptoms of Anorexia Nervosa. 9 Psychological Medicine 273-279. 1979.

DM Garner, et al. The Eating Attitudes Test: Psychometric Features and Clinical Correlates. 12 Psychological Medicine 871-878. 1982. (Introduced the 26 item version of the EAT.)